A German Puzzle

Germany is not a country. It is a puzzle of many worlds. Some fight for a base salary. Others fight boredom. Refugees are freezing in Berlin. Around the corner a design award is presented over champagne and caviar. The stocks are falling. Rents are going up.

In Bochum Opel is shutting down. Open is the future. Spanish workers are wrapping up Christmas for Amazon. In a nursery the plaster is falling off the wall. Hundreds of thousands of people are crossing the Alexanderplatz in just one day. They are the angry and the indifferent. Hope passes despair. Anxiety walks close to satisfaction. Germany is a puzzle. What is this country? How many of it are there?

Help’ us to assemble that german puzzle. Tell us about your piece in it. What do you think? What are you doing? What do you want? Show us your places. Tell’ us your story .

Our third film project is long term one and it needs your ideas. Please write to us. We will reply to you and we will charge the batteries of the camera.