We are living in the era of digital information. Images arrive at the speed of light from great distances. We can be the emphatic and compassionate audiences to every natural disaster, all kinds of social misery, or any ecological catastrophe.  But, we are not actually witnesses to these events, we are only recipients of a segmented and selected flow of information. In fact, we know very little about hunger, but know a lot about the latest outfits a European duchess is wearing. At political summits, we see images of powerful older men. We do not see the images of the people who are being affected by their decisions.

The internet inundates us with crisp and clear high-definition banalities. It shows us things that we should buy or that we should believe. A deodorant becomes an aphrodisiac. The debut of a Hollywood starlet becomes an aesthetic spectacle. There are never any clouds in the images of our favorite vacation spots. There are only beautiful people waiting for love.

War has been declared on reality. We, along with our orderly, critical world view, are the victims of this war. But, the counter current has already emerged.  It draws from the same source of power, the digital world. The internet is the domain for everything and anything. It blurs the previous distinction between  the consumer and the producer of information. Reality can now be reflected rather than distorted.  The Kameradists seek to be part of this effort as expressed in our mission statement:

The Kameradists photograph and film what they see. They do no film what they think they should see. | The Kameradists respect the people they depict. They never view subjects as objects. | The Kameradists respect nature. They promote conservation and try to leave as little impact as possible on the environment. | The Kameradists are, like reality is, political. | They support each other | Income from collaborative projects are to be divided equitably. | The Kameradists work with each other at eye level, without hierarchies. | There is no such thing as “Kameradism.” This text is just an initial attempt for our mission statement. It is subject to change in the course of ongoing discussion. 

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