One Word

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an island nation near the equator in the vast endless blue of the Pacific Ocean. The country spreads out across three islands and 29 coral atolls, which comprise 1156 individual islands and islets. Most parts of the Marshall Islands are less than 5.9 feet above sea level.

Even before the era of the Ancient Greeks, the Marshall Islands were already inhabited. But now the greenhouse gas emissions of the industrial societies severely harm or might even destroy the ancient culture of the Marshall Islands. Because the sea is rising. Negative forecasts predict the uninhabitability of the islands by the year 2050.

What would you do if your home was at stake? And what would you say to the ones that cause the threat? Can there be hope? The answer is almost as obvious as it is astonishing.

“One Word” is a participatory full feature documentary about the impacts of climate change on the Republic of the Marshall Islands and its people. The movie was developed and filmed with the strong inclusion of Marshallese people through film workshops that have run over a period of nine months. The movie is narrated by the protagonists only. It is only their voices that count.

ONE WORD  (Documentary, Germany/RMI 2020, English with subtitles, 16:9, Dolby Digital)

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