Filming completed

October 15, 2021: We have finished filming FINDING EUROPE in the Basque Country and will be shooting in Madrid tomorrow and the day after. It was a long way. 16 EU countries. 86 people. So many places. So many opinions, and yet they were largely in agreement on the desire for peace, a little prosperity, and an intact planet.

We talked to refugees, workers, academics, the rich, the poor, the ascended, the abandoned, the hopeful, the dreaming, the angry and the desperate. And we have filmed extensively Europe’s diverse living environments and landscapes, wastelands and lively cities, dense forests, rugged mountains, castles of houses and dry grasslands, streams of light and almost complete darkness. Never before have we taken so much footage from a film project into the editing room.

It’s going to be a cozy winter in front of the screens in which we have to sort and understand all of this. Keep your fingers crossed that we understand all of this. This is going to be awesome.

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