It has been filmed

1/27/2013: About four weeks the Kameradists were traveling in Argentina to bring back to the Campesinos their own cinematic history (Sachamanta) as well as the reactions of the german audience on this story. We were accompanied by the support of hundreds of people at home. When we sat between fireflies and stars in the summer night heat and watched Sachamanta with the campesinos, we have often thought of you. Without you People, without your immaterial support and your donations, without your help and your advice this new filming would not have happened.

Now we got 20 hours of footage for “Espejo” in the box. We will now dig through it and sift and cut. Three things are already certain by now.

In the film you will see what we have hoped to find: the reactions of the campesinos to your letters and questions are touching.

New impressive stuff is happening in Santiago del Estero. Close to the fifth radio station in Ojo de Agua a large new building grows out of the bushland. The campesinos have begun to build their own university. On the curriculum is a future without exploitation and a life in freedom and dignity.

Perhaps “Espejo” will not be named “Espejo”. At the radio station “Fm Sacha Huayra” in Tintina DJ Coqui asked his listeners what ideas they would have for the title of the new film, and there have been many proposals in the indigenous Quechua language.

Some photos and stories along the filming are already online. Kameradist Wagner has released new posts on his photo blog. This link leads to the first post. The arrows on the right side of the images carry forward through the story.