Festival delle Terre

5/15/2013: While we have begun to create a first rough cut for “Espejo“, a wonderful message arrived from Rome. Sachamanta received one of two Special Mention of the Festival Board on the 10. Festival delle Terre.

“A special mention is assigned (…) to Sacha Manta by Viviana Uriona: For its contribution, with a strong and passionate involvement, to raise visibility to the peasants’ resistance in Argentina, by documenting a struggle almost censored by the mainstream media with the participation of members of the community radios taking part in the shooting. “

We thank all the people who have supported Sachamanta. This is also your price. It probably also proves something. The concept of participatory camera must not hide from classic movie productions.

So far, so good. Now we continue working on “Espejo“. There is still much to do. If you want to show Sachamanta, then you just click on this link and find out how easy it is. Oh, and if you want to know more on the man in the Festival-Poster below, then you can read his memorable story here: Filtro.

Sachamanta_festival delle Terre

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