Almost done

4/22/2012: Sachamanta is nearing completion, but there is still a whole lot to do. At the moment, we are in the final production stages, but still need to do have the following tasks: stabilization, conversion, color correction (adjustment of light and color is necessary because the raw material was taken in different years), embedding the film music, sound design, and completion of the animation sequences.

In the meantime, the transcribed text will be translated into German and English. Then the corresponding subtitles will be inserted. Once this work is being done, Sachamanta will be a complete film. However, in order to get it from our editors’ hard drive to the public, the film must be produced in DVD format, requiring DVD-authoring, menus, and cover design. Also our graphic artist will design posters and promotional postcards. Then the DVDs will be burned and covers, postcards and posters will be printed. Meanwhile, public relations work will begin shortly in Germany and abroad. The film will be offered to cinemas and presented at film festivals. In addition, we want to Sachmanta to be shown at political events, dealing with issues close to the story of our film. Of course, you will be able to order Sachamanta straight from this website.

It is very important for us is that the film will also be shown in Argentina. We hope that it gives its protagonists renewed courage and strength in their struggles. We will return to Argentina with the film in our luggage in the winter of 2012. We hope to give back some of the sprit to the people that put trust in us while we were shooting the film.

Date/Status: 12/22/2011: rough cutting completed. / / 01/20/2012: Transcription for the subtitles and subtitles completed in German language / / 15/2/2012: Film music by Raly Barrionuevo completed. / / 7/18/2012: Fine editing, stabilization, color correction, rescission are complete. 16.9.2012: Sound Finalization, DVD/Bluray Mastering, English Subtitles and Print Jobs – DONE!

Almost done

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