They do not give way to the waves

Slider_Humans of Kiribati_Vasiti Tebamare - The Hungry tide at Betio 2 20 2015

Together with Maria Kling from Film Production Kalliope (Potsdam, Babelsberg), we have been working on a new full feature film for cinema since the beginning of 2017: we call it the Kiribati project. It will be (again) a participatory film. We gave it the working title: “The do not give way to the waves.”

The film will be shot and edited together with the people of the islands of the Republic of Kiribati. Kiribati is located in the central Pacific. Due to the melting of the poles, the rising sea level threatens to flood the islands in historical short time to come. But the future of the republic is still unwritten. Not a few believe that it will inevitably sink. Others think the islands can be saved. For our film crew, Kiribati is also a symbol, a warning to the world. If we do not finally learn to treat our planet with respect, it will put us in front of unimaginable difficulties everywhere. The flood in one place is the drought in another place.

Update: In the meantime, we had to relocate this project to the Marshall Islands, another island state in the region, which faces similar challenges as Kiribati due to climate change. Why this “move” was necessary, you can read all about in our blog.

Here you can watch the pitching video on the new film project of Studio Kalliope and the Kameradists. A warm thank you goes out to camera operator Raimon Kataotao und Mike Roman from the “Humans of Kiribati” for the material they shared with us. The photo in the slider of our site was taken by “Humans of Kiribati” / Sandra Dương “The hungry tide at Betio”.

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