Known all over the place

Much has happened since our last entry. On the 2nd of April we got our visas for a whole year. From this moment we could really start. There is a lot going on right now. Today we want to tell you briefly about the biggest upcoming event, on which we are currently working at full speed.

(Written by Claudia Skodda) Together with Jo-Jikum, we are organizing the first public meeting for the 18th of April, to which we have invited all parties interested in the workshops. We informed the whole region via Facebook. We also sent out mass texting via the national telephone company NTA and distributed flyers throughout Majuro. There was also an article in the weekly newspaper about our project.

Yesterday Mark gave an interview in one of the three local radio stations. The experience was overwhelming again. In keeping with local radio stations in Latin America, the audience sent messages via mobile phone and Facebook or called directly to find out more.

Of course we are looking forward to the meeting. Until then, we can only guess how many people will come and how many will actually participate. In the next weeks the first workshops will start. The feedback we have gathered so far shows us a keen interest in the project and a great interest in taking part to shape it. In any case, we are already known all over the place.

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