Since December 6th we are back in Germany. Our experiences in the Pacific have strongly influenced us. Did you know that the Marshallese way of saying hello has three spellings and three meanings? The “hello” of the Pacific Republic can be written as “Yokwe”, “Iakwe” or “Yakwe” and it means “hello”, but also “I love you.” Or “you are as beautiful as the rainbow is.”

But, no matter how one writes the word, it always means the same thing: hello, love or a rainbow compliment. Imagine a world in which people greet each other on the street as a matter of course with a confession of love and a rainbow comparison. Palm trees. Sun. Friendliness. Do you think that’s tacky? We understand well. But it is still real. We have worked and lived in this world for almost a year and of course the transition is now hard for us. In this German country, with its speed, restlessness and sometimes incomprehensible anger, we are only slowly beginning to grasp the conditions. Slowly we realize that even in the past we were also often quick, restless and incomprehensibly angry.

Now we are editing the material we brought home. We think it’s going to be a haunting movie about a friendly, distant world that is threatened with destruction and yet will not give up. If you want to stay up to date, follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter (only in German).

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